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Ginette Personal trainer ChristchurchI am Ginette.

From a young age, I have always been passionate about exercise.  I have always been a fan of training, long distance running and the gym.

When I became pregnant it was important for me to keep strong and fit, however I couldn’t get a trainer or class that I was happy with.   After a lot of research, I managed to find a superb specialist based in New Zealand who offered the right sort of training for me.   I wanted to be able to lift weights and carry on resistance work but had no idea how to do it safely.  The programme taught me how to connect with my core in the right way and that is where it all began…

I am core centric and believe your core is the centre of your powerhouse.  Hence being Powered from Within.

Having been a carer and teacher I have always been passionate about helping people, and on the birth of my second child I retrained in 2016 as a specialist in both pregnancy and postnatal personal training.  As a result in 2016 I launched Lucina Fitness, named because of my inspiration of Lucina the Roman Goddess of childbirth and motherhood which I felt aligned with my passion to train new mums and pregnant ladies.  My clients have stayed with me over the years and I am passionate about empowering women and supporting them with their fitness journey through all stages of life.

As women we carry a lot – both mentally and physically – and by having the confidence in your body brings confidence in other areas of your life too. Exercise and your body is the one thing that you can always rely on and giving it time allows you escapism and the time to focus on you.

By supporting and guiding you to become stronger, you can achieve your goals and become the woman you want to be.

I believe strongly in the power of strength from within, both emotionally and physically, which has led to the rebrand and the relaunch as Powered from Within.

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