C-section Rehab

Having birthed your baby via ceasarean section we are sent home with a new baby and no real information of how to support our bodies and help them heal efficiently having had open abdominal surgery. Postnatal rehabilitation and recovery after is different to a vaginal birth in the early stages, due to scar tissue and adhesions that we need try reduce along with helping the body to reconnect its neural pathways to connect better with all the muscles.

Once you are signed off from the doctor you are welcome to join Ginette to begin your rehabilitation.

These early sessions are rehabilitation exercise personal training sessions. We have to start your recovery with building a solid foundation of a good working core before we bring in more whole body exercises.

What do we do during a PT rehab session?

To start with we carry out some key stretches and releases in areas where mums can get very tight and muscles can cause discomfort.

We work on building the neural connection between your pelvic floor and deep core muscles so they work together to keep your core strong and start to regain their strength. This is done through teaching you how to breathe fully and properly, through your ribs and back, whilst connecting to the core.

We carry out specific TA (transverse abdominals) and PFM (pelvic floor muscle) activation exercises through breathing.

We look at your posture and realign you so that all your core muscles are in their optimal positioning for healing, and regain their optimal length.

We learn how to release tight diaphragms under the ribs to help you breathe fully and activate the TAs correctly.

Finally, you are taught a few pelvic floor and transverse abdominal (deep core) muscle-rehabilitation exercises. These form the base level of exercise at this point of your rehabilitation, but allow you to take home ‘exercises’ that build strength and stability.


The above information is just a guide of what might be included in your personal training session. This is personal for every Mum and will take us all different lengths of time before we move on the next phase of recovery. Ginette will work with you to tailor your programme to you and move you on at the right pace through the rehab and then onto the exercise rehab phase.

If you wish to know more about the caesarean section recovery personal training, contact us to arrange an Initial Consultation or just to have a chat about your needs.