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All of my sessions are unique to you.

Personal – Through personal 1-2-1 training, we work on the areas that matter to you.

Tailored – I produce a unique programme which focuses on your goals and tools to focus on your recovery.

Motivational – I give people motivation to lose weight and achieve your goals

Accountable – By working together I provide accountability helping you reach your goals faster

Time – booking a session with me is booking time with yourself (little one is welcome if childcare is not available with an extra pair of hands at the ready!)

Knowledge and expertise – I share knowledge for you to work on your goals outside of our sessions but I am on hand to support and guide you until our next session

Confidence – our sessions will give you confidence in your own body and the confidence to train independently.

Holistic – Through a unique, in depth consultation I offer a holistic approach to help guide you and ensure your overall wellbeing is aligned to meet your goals.


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