Post Natal Personal Trainer & C-Section Rehab

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Postnatal Recovery

Having children takes its toll on your body, both physically and mentally. Your precious newborn baby needs you for pretty much everything. Postnatal recovery and healing of abdominal separation can be slow due to lack of sleep and poor posture from sitting whilst breastfeeding or baby sleeping on you.

When training with me, we will focus on you. This will give you greater mindfulness of how you stand, and carry yourself and your baby, putting you in a better postural position to aid healing.

In your one-to-one postnatal personal training sessions, we focus on:

  • Rehab and recovery, including abdominal separation
  • Building core strength 
  • Postural awareness
  • Regaining whole-body strength

You can also get together with friends for one-to-two or one-to-three personal training, still tailored to your needs but in a supportive, social environment.  

C-Section Rehabilitation

On top of the immense impact of welcoming your newborn baby, if you’ve had a c-section, your body is dealing with a completely different set of challenges. Many new mums are sent home with no real information on how to support their bodies and help them heal after open abdominal surgery. 

Postnatal rehabilitation after a caesarean section is different to recovery after a vaginal birth in the early stages due to scar tissue and adhesions that we need to try to reduce along with helping the body to reconnect its neural pathways to connect better with all the muscles.

Once you are signed off by the doctor, you are welcome to join me to begin your rehabilitation.

What happens during a postnatal c-section rehab session?

We will focus on breathing, core activation with the breath, healing your abdominal separation whilst connecting the core correctly. We use physio bands and resistance bands in the early stages, along with bodyweight exercises. 
These early sessions are rehabilitation exercise personal training sessions. We have to start your recovery by building a solid foundation of a good working core before we bring in more whole-body exercises. 

  • Key stretches and releases in areas where mums can get very tight and muscles can cause discomfort
  • Building the neural connection between your pelvic floor and deep core muscles so they work together to keep your core strong and start to regain their strength
  • Teaching you how to breathe fully and properly through your ribs and back, whilst connecting to your core
  • Specific TA (transverse abdominals) and PF (pelvic floor muscle) activation exercises through breathing
  • Realigning your posture so that all your core muscles are in their optimal positioning for healing, and regaining their optimal length
  • Take home ‘exercises’ that build strength and stability

Every new mum’s journey is personal to them.

As your strength increases, I will adapt your training to your changing needs. I will tailor your programme to you and move you on at the right pace through the rehab and then onto the exercise rehab phase.


Initial Consultation – £55
Before we begin your fitness journey, we will get together and spend 100 minutes discussing your goals and aspirations. I will take a complete medical (and birth if relevant) history, analyse your current posture, understand your diet and nutrition, and give you some initial tips for connecting with your core. We’ll run through an overview of your personal training programme, so you know exactly what to expect.

1 x 1 hour sessions
5 x 1 hour sessions
10 x 1 hour sessions
One-to-Two Personal Training
10 x 1hr sessions 
£300 per person
One-to-Three Personal Training
10 x 1hr sessions 
£235 per person
Personal Training out with you
Personal Training at your choice of location
£55 per hour + £10 per 15 minutes of travel each way from Studio

Rediscover yourself and embrace your strength from within