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Each and every review below is a testament to the relationship I have built with these amazing women, and my reputation means everything to me. I am proud of my five star Google and Facebook reviews and am an approved member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), demonstrating my commitment to best practice.

As a dedicated personal trainer in Christchurch, Dorset, I see every client as individual and unique. I love getting to know my clients to understand how I deliver the best possible personal training service for them, and I always work to the highest standards.

Ginette is not only a fantastic personal trainer, but such a lovely bubbly and energetic person to motivate you. She is extremely knowledgeable and even after 5 years of antenatal and postnatal (2 babies) training with her, I learn more and more about my body each session. She’s brilliant!

Katy Street

Ginette is a fantastic personal trainer. In just a couple of months I feel fitter, stronger and my diastasis has dramatically improved. She has also given me tools I can use everyday to maintain and improve my posture and physical health is also very encouraging and positive, great to work with.

Beth Miles

Ginette has so much knowledge on how to exercise safely during and after pregnancy. The studio is lovely, and the classes are excellent and offer a personalised service to suit your individual needs at whatever stage you are at pre or post pregnancy.

Lucy Partridge

I had a proper meltdown around my second trimester as my abs separated – Ginette came and helped me massively not just with fitness but with confidence and diet and many other aspects of pregnancy and being a new mum. I had PT sessions and her lovely gentle demeanour and friendship throughout my pregnancy and after Ralph was born will not be forgotten. She is a star.

Harrie Cooper

Ginette’s strength classes are the only fitness/workout classes I have ever enjoyed and returned to. It’s now been a whole year! She takes care to ask every week how we all are, how any injuries are progressing and is always checking we are doing the exercises correctly, spotting and correcting all the small but vital errors, and encouraging us to push ourselves appropriately. Ginette has helped me increase my strength and general physical and mental health, and get back after sports injuries. All done with great care, positivity and humour.

Ellen Dexter

Ginette has been excellent at helping me strengthen pelvic floor after my second pregnancy. As Ginette is also a mum of two, she is very understanding and supportive of all the challenges we face in parenthood. Thank you for all your help and for helping protect my sanity 🙂

Becky Lange

A year ago with my 7 week old baby in tow, I met Ginette for a consultation to help heal and strengthen my post baby body. Ginette taught me to understand and embrace my new body and through her bespoke, individualised classes I feel stronger and fitter than ever. With Ginette’s specialised knowledge and careful guidance, I have gradually and safely repaired, healed and strengthened my body and I feel great!

Amy Smyth

When I was beginning to suffer from anxiety as a result of pelvic floor dysfunction I called Ginette. I was only 3 weeks postpartum after my second baby, but I was miserable. Ginette is like every postpartum mum’s fairy godmother! 8 months on and my ab separation is fixed and Tena Lady pads no longer reside in my cupboard!! Best call I ever made. Thank you so much Ginette.

Emma Coleman

Ginette is the best trainer I’ve ever had, plus she’s friendly, approachable and always fun to spend time with. She has a great understanding of how the female body works, especially after having a baby and combined this with *actually listening to me* to create a series of effective workouts which I’ve enjoyed doing (OK occasionally through gritted teeth, but that’s the point, right).

Nancy Willacy