Informed Consent

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Explanation of the screening process 

As part of the pre-screening process, you may be required to undergo an assessment. These will take various forms and intensities. You will be monitored closely throughout and only asked to complete an assessment appropriate to your fitness level, stage of pregnancy or postnatal stage. You may stop any assessment at any time because of fatigue, discomfort or personal choice. 

Risks and discomforts 

There exists the possibility of certain changes occurring during the assessment. They include changes to blood pressure, and general feelings of exertion. Every effort will be made to minimise these risks by evaluation of preliminary information relating to your health and fitness and by observations during testing. 

Responsibilities of the client 

Information you possess about your pregnancy, current health status or previous experiences of unusual feelings with physical effort may affect the safety and value of your assessment. Your prompt reporting of feelings of effort during the testing itself is also of great importance. It is your responsibility to fully disclose such information when requested. 

Benefits to be expected 

The results obtained from the assessments will assist in evaluating what type of physical activities you may participate in. 

Freedom of consent 

Your permission to perform the assessments is voluntary. You are free to deny consent or stop at any point, if you so desire. Please understand that if we are unable to perform an assessment, it may affect your ability to train. 

I have read this form and I understand the assessment procedures that will be performed. I consent to participate