Pregnancy exercises

During Pregnancy you will experience the biggest change that your body will undertake. You will experience a surge of hormones and keeping moving is key to healthy mum and healthy baby.

Personal Training is the best way to ensure you are as healthy, fit and strong throughout your pregnancy as you can be.

We focus on:

  • Core strength with bump friendly exercises to ensure mum and baby are healthy
  • Strength in all the right places
  • Mental strength
  • Minimising Abdominal Separation (person dependent)


Using resistance bands, body weight and the odd kettle bell/dumb bell, I will tailor exercises to match your stage of pregnancy, changing exercises as frequently as necessary for you and your bump.

I will teach you how to engage your core muscles even whilst pregnant supporting a quicker post-natal recovery (and potentially a smoother birthing experience). Training your core muscles this way now will help minimize abdominal separation in the later stages of pregnancy and help with recovery post birth.

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